The Platform

Business and Property Taxes

Offer enticing tax rates for business retention and attraction. 

Review property tax system to determine if it is transparent, structured properly, and fair. Educate residents on how the system works, how it is calculated and where their money is directed. 


Economic Growth & Purposeful Spending

Promote and support local business like we never have before. 

Awaken talent in our community to help stimulate an economic recovery. Operate with deliberate and focused spending while actively supporting the Edmonton economy.


End Homelessness

This is critical. Homelessness is demonstrably more expensive to ignore than it is to solve. Cities are reducing, and even ending, homelessness, and we can too. 


Family Needs 

Access to physical activity and community involvement is imperative to a healthy and well functioning City. I want to ensure families have access to sports/recreation and community centers – and that they don’t have to pay for parking at these facilities. As well, I will investigate what role council can play in accessing/creating affordable child care for our city. I would like to see inclusive community gardens and stronger partnerships with Community Leagues.  Furthermore, education around diversity and tolerance, accessibility and inclusivity are topics that no longer need to be debated but acted upon. We need to work directly with those impacted to develop effective, long term solutions. 

*Platform Update: 

Work with the University, EPL and other important organizations to develop a strong mental health support system in our city.


Public Safety 

Continue positive relationships with those on the frontline who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Include as partners who will help us shape our future.



Multiple transportation options should be available while keeping our City manageable and functional for each choice. 

Work with the City of Calgary to explore inter-city rail feasibility.

*Platform Update: Temporarily revert some of the new transit system to previous transit routes while we work through the issues with the new system.  


Infrastructure & Sustainability

Find the delicate balance of meeting the needs of a growing City while maintaining existing infrastructure with due consideration to economic, social and environmental implications. 

Protect our natural resources and amenities for our residents and future generations. Continue to grow and thrive as a Smart City.