Campaign Expenses

Bank Account Deposit $100.00

Sen Studio $114.00

Nomination Fee $500.00 $110.34

Wix Mailbox (Jan) $8.59

Go Daddy $20.99

Campaign Photoshoot $250.00 

Amplomedia $1522.50

Thank You Cards $83.22

Moo $314.99

Wix Mailbox (Feb) $8.50

Xero (March) $15.75

Outfront Media $1050.00

Wix Mailbox (March) $8.45

Xero (April) $15.75

Xero (May) $8.13

Wix Mailbox (April) $8.30

Wix Newsletter (April) $15.60

Wix Newsletter Upgrade $36.21

RBC Partial Bank Fee (Feb) $7.80

RBC Bank Fee (March) $15.95

RBC Bank Fee (April) $15.95

RBC Bank Fee (May) $15.95

Facebook Advertising $30.00

Facebook Advertising $30.00

Facebook Advertising $3.46

Xero (May) $2.03

Facebook Advertising $30.00

Outfront Media $1050.00

Wix Mailbox (May) $8.12

Facebook Advertising $40.00

Cowan Graphics $234.70

Wix Newsletter $36.29

Outfront Media $1312.50

RBC Bank Fee (June) $15.95

Wix Mailbox (June) $8.25

Facebook Advertising $42.00

Facebook Advertising $16.94

Wix Newsletter $39.22

RBC Bank Fee (July) $15.95

Campaign Contributors

Francis and Tammy Fulton 

Lisa Saxby

Harneil and Christina Sidhu

Tanis Bryson

Modest and Jill Janicki 

Corey Wepruk

Hassan Fawaz

Emily Milvain

David and Romina Fulton

Nermisa Omerovic

Matthew Finlayson

Dianna Man

Lana Luong Devries 

Lars Callieou

Lisa Cannon

Dale Probst 

Larry and Lisa Jenkinson

April Halliday 

Andrew Knack 

Tania Nordli

Malcolm Steele and Heidi Bronson

Terry Paranych

Smita Bailey