Dawson McKie 

"This city needs someone who loves and wants what’s best for it. Someone who cares about the community and wants to improve upon it. Diana is exactly that person. Her experience as a community leader is exactly what we need in city hall. Diana has my vote for mayor." 


"If you love Edmonton and want what’s best for the city and can vote in the upcoming mayor election please consider voting for My beautiful friend Diana Steele. She has worked so hard for her community. She loves the city and absolutely wants what’s best for it.

Im not just saying this because lm a friend of hers. Im saying this because I fully believe she is the best candidate out of all running to make this city be the amazing city it can be.

Even if i didn’t personally know her she would have my vote.

I Fully support her and absolutely hope she gets Elected. She is exactly what Edmonton needs."

Myrna Wolfe

"As a member of Crestwood community I feel extremely fortunate to have Diana Steele as our community league president. Over the past 18 months I have witnessed Diana go above and beyond what is expected in this role. She has kept the community informed as to what is happening during Covid. Providing updates on Covid restrictions were done daily often with a sense of humour but always on point. Diana is kind, compassionate and above all else a hard worker. I have seen first hand some difficult community members she has had to deal with. This was not an easy task but she did it with grace and without passing judgement. Before making a decision Diana looks at all sides of the picture and always asks for input before making an informed decision. She stands by her decisions but is always open for discussion. Diana looks into the future and see's areas where change is needed and is always ready to take on those new tasks. Without hesitation Diana is something that Edmontonians need. Above all else I have never seen Diana back down when the job becomes busy and overwhelming, she takes it in stride and works to make our community a better place." 

Brad Bartko


Emily Milvain

Allison Bullock 

Diana Steele is the type of leader Edmontonians have been calling for. A citizen without a political background just looking to serve and "do the right thing". She has no corporate ties, no interest she is beholden to, just a desire to help and make Edmonton be a great city to live in. 

Kind, generous, caring, Positive. In a political climate that is increasingly divisive and fractured Diana wants to bring people together for the common good. 

For everyone who is clamoring for change in politics, for less anger and less "politics" you should look long and hard. Here is your chance to make the move from career politician to the citizen representative."


Melanie Bosch 

"I first met Diana in 2005 when I walked into her classroom at Norquest college.  Diana was dedicated to her teaching,  easy to approach and she would always go that extra mile.  I appreciated the knowledge and commitment, compassion that Diana showed to everyone in the class. She left a lasting impression on me, and I am grateful to know her.   Edmonton would be very fortunate to have someone who cares as much as Diana does as their mayor."

Dana Leaman 

"She is a remarkable woman, a woman who knows true balance. A mother, a carer and most importantly a true leader!"

April Halliday

"Diana is constantly looking for ways to improve the community and help those in need. She carefully listens to community concerns and develops productive thoughtful ways to solve problems. She’s generous with her time and always puts the betterment of everyone around her first."

Blair Hutton

"Your passion for the city is evident. You don’t come across as a politician at all. A lot of people will gravitate to that."

Huong Nguyen

"I haven't known Diana Steele that long but from our brief conversation and what I have heard and read, I think she really cares about people and her community. It shows in her actions everyday and I think mostly in her decision to run for mayor. What a huge endeavor! KUDOS to Diana and best wishes to her candidacy for mayor."

Nermisa Omerovic

"I have known Diana Steele for a few years now, and I believe that she will make a great Mayor of Edmonton. She is hard-working, kind and always open to listen and learn from fellow Edmontonians. For as long as I have known her she has always supported local businesses, communities and has gone out of her way to raise awareness and bring attention to causes affecting our city. I think we should all want someone that cares, listens, is an open minded to learn and has always supported this city not just now when it came to election time. I fully support her and hope Edmonton elects her."

Ed Bosch 

"Diana Steele was born and raised in this beautiful city of Edmonton. She knows the wants and needs of the citizens here and will work diligently to see that these needs are fulfilled with honesty and integrity. Diana has an outstanding resume and is very well versed in leadership at many different levels. Diana is very open minded and takes the time to listen to people. She is a huge supporter of many charities and fund raising events. Keeping the businesses flourishing and attracting new business to our city is also part of her campaign.
Diana Steele is the most selfless person I have ever known and she will always put the needs of the people of  Edmonton  first over her needs. I support Diana Steele 100% in the upcoming election for 2021."

Lars Callieou

"To be ‘of service to others’. That should be the goal of every politician. To serve those in their: city, town, riding, province. Diana Steele embodies someone who works each day to be of service to those around her. As President of a community league she put in real effort to bring a sense of community to her neighborhood. She sincerely cares about the health and well-being of others as demonstrated by her daily check-ins for 500 days in a row – and has recently begun checking in with us again. It’s easy to see her passion for the city, and even easier to see how much she cares for people. She rolls up her sleeves and goes to work, always thinking of others, that’s why Diana Steele has my vote for Mayor."

Amy Wing

"Diana Steele is a compassionate, inclusive, forward thinking individual who I believe will truly move our city forward. Edmonton thrives on our diverse culture. However, we don't do enough, in my mind, to move the needle forward. We need to abolish poverty and homelessness instead of putting a band aide on it. We need to create an accessibility plan for everyone. Diana Steele is the voice we need."